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EMS (Express Mail Service)

Public Trust
An international postal service which brings letters, documents and parcels to their destinations abroad the fastest and safest through a special agreement between the Ministry of Information and Communication and the postal services of other countries.
102 countries including Tokyo, Japan, and Hong Kong,China can be reached in 2-4 days
Delivery Inquires through Internet
EMS sent to major countries including the Republic of Korea, Japan, United Kingdom, and Hong Kong, and gradually expanding are possible to track and confirm through a global computer network, the delivery status being available upon inquiry. In case, a computer inquiry is not possible, a quick inquiry by fax or post is available for reference upon the user's request.
Scheduled Service
Service, which requires a contract between sender and post office and allows exchange between sender and receiver at a regular time and location.
On Demand Service
Service, which requires a contract between the sender and post office and allows the collection of at least ten EMS mails a month for non-periodic shipment.
On Demand Casual Service
Customer frequently is able to ship EMS mails from a designated post office, and upon arrival of destination, considered to be delivered by the domestic EMS service.
Sendable items
Various letters, documents, gifts and merchandise with a maximum weight of 30kg is possible for shipment. This can be limited to 15 or 20kg according to country. Weight limits by country can be verified at the post office.
Official Communications
Commercial Papers
Computer Data
Check Clearances
Business Sampl
Magnetic Tape
Merchandise : Can be prohibited according to country
Non-sendable items
The following items cannot be sent as EMS.
Coins, Bank Notes, Credit Cards
Money Remittances
Negotiable Articles
Prohibited Articles
Items that can destroy or contaminate others
Drugs and other hallucinating matter
Merchandise : Can be prohibited according to country
Method of Use
Simply write or print the receiver's address, name, contents and quantity on the free address label supplied at the post office.
Countries involved
First business began with Hong Kong and Japan on the 1st July 1979. Others considerable are continuously on the increase.
Types of Special delivery
The following are types of special delivery of EMS.
Notice of delivery
Standards of Delivery
If documents without need of customs clearance are sent from Seoul (some parts exclused) before 11 a.m. , they will be sent with 2 days to destination with non-stop flights (LA, Tokyo, Paris, Frankfurt, Hong Kong) from Seoul and 3-5 days to other destinations.
1 day is added in the following cases.
Mails shipped after 11 a.m. from Seoul, Mail shipped from regions other than Seoul.
Receiver's address is in a region other than the receiving post office.
Mail sent from Mountainous areas or isolated areas need additional time to reach International Postal Logistics Center in Incheon.
Mails requiring customs clearance require additional time at the receiving country's customs office
Attached Documents
Business documents require a 'customs label(CN22)' printed on business address label(barcode starts with EE)
Merchandise and Valuables require a 'customs declaration(CN23)' printed on the merchandise address label(barcode starts with EM)
Business aimed import-export items need the following document in order to have shortened customs clearance periods.
A business invoice(with company name, address, contents, and price printed)
Trade documents(export/import permit, quarantine certificate, certification of origin)


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